It is with regret that I have to inform visitors to this site
that I only returned from Hospital yesterday having spent five weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and General Ward for a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. (30-03-2008)
I am told that I am extremely lucky to have survived this operation but it has left me about two stone lighter and with little in the way of leg or arm muscles left. As such I now have to build up my strength and learn to walk and control my hands again.
Because of the above I unfortunately have to temporarily, maybe
permanently, withdraw all of the Services that I used to supply, with the exception of supplying Service Data, and advertisements to my 'For Sale & Wanted' section.
I will be unable to supply any valves, or currently do any repairs. I will be contacting anybody whose repairs I currently have directly so that they can decide on a course of action. 

I am sorry that I can no longer supply the services that I used to, but the doctors think that it will be between 6 and 9 months before a full recovery will be effective, and apparently even then not all of my functions may return to the their full prior operation effectiveness.
If in time to come I find that I can start taking on repairs or have the strength to search out valves etc. then I will update this statement.

  As I am sure you can appreciate my stock of Valves is in a constant state of flux, I have therefore only listed those valves that I have in reasonably large quantities. I have many valves in just 1's or 2's that are not listed ( it took long enough to type these in!!) If there are valves you require that are not in the list please Email me, it is just possible that I may have them.
  Initially I produced one table listing all of the valves, but this proved to be too large to be practical and would take far to long to download. I have therefore split them up over about 18 smaller tables, if you select from the chart below the first character of the valve required, it should load the applicable table much faster.
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