Isoplethics, Ever broken those little iron dust
13 Greenway Close, cores trying to set up the IF
North Walsham. transformers? New manufacturer
Norfolk. Currently 2 sizes available with
NR28 0DE more in the pipeline.Contact direct.
Isoplrthics now do a large range of other equipment useful to Radio Repairers and restorers including:

Plug-in and chassis-mounting coil formers.

Transformers and chokes for valve (vacuum tube) equipment power supplies.

Transformers for 2 V and 1.4 V battery eliminators.

Valve audio output transformer and chokes.

Pi-wound r.f. chokes.

Air-wound coils and transformers
Custom aluminium chassis and panels.

Ready-wound coils
Slow-motion drives, dials and accessories.

Variable capacitors and accessories

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