Service Data
Manufacturers listed below. Click on Manufacturers Name to go to a list of Models for which data is available.
The lists shown are not all that I possess, only a representative sample of the more common Makes and Models, if you do not see what you require, please Email me, as I may well have it, even though it is not listed.
Alba Bush Champion Cossor
Dansette Decca Defiant Eddystone
Ekco Emerson Etronic Eveready
Ferguson Ferranti GEC Grundig
HMV Invicta Kolster-Brandes Lissen
Marconi Masteradio McMichael Mullard
Murphy Pam Perdio Philco
Philips Pilot Pye Regentone
RGD Roberts Sobell Sony
Stella Strad Ultra Vidor
Other less Common Manufacturers for which some Data is available include the following:
Ace Alba Ambassador Amplion Argosy Armstrong Banner Beethoven Belmont Berec Bluespot Braun BRC Brunswick Burgoyne Burndept Cameo Channel Collaro Columbia Denco Dulci Dynatron Ear Elizabeth EMI Eumig Fidelity Ford GBC Halcyon Magnavox McCarthy Motorola National Newmatic Petoscot Playmate Radmobil Rainbow Raymond Revelati Romac Selmer Sonolor Sound Standard Telsen Thorn Volmar Walter Waltstan Webcor Zenith
Please Email if you require any Service Sheets, the cost is 5 per Model where three, four or more sheets of data are involved, however many early models only have two sheets of data and these are 3 per model. I normally send all data as GIF attachments to an e-mail, these are scanned in at approximately twice the original size for ease of reading, and any specific areas can be subsequently printed at any size you determine. Many of the Service Sheets have the circuit diagram spread across two pages, or more, and to ensure that no data goes missing I usually scan the full page and a small section of the adjoining page, this does however mean that if the scanned page is printed in it's entirety on A4 then the resulting output has the print fractionally smaller than the original. As very often some of the print is quite small to start with this can make reading it quite difficult. It is for this reason that the GIFs are more desirable as just specific areas can be printed at any size the user wishes. However if there are problems with extracting the GIFs or printing them I am more than happy to supply the data in hardcopy form bearing in mind the above statement about the size of the print, as I can only print at up to A4 size.
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