It is with regret that I have to inform visitors to this site
that I only returned from Hospital yesterday having spent five weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and General Ward for a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. (30-03-2008)
I am told that I am extremely lucky to have survived this operation but it has left me about two stone lighter and with little in the way of leg or arm muscles left. As such I now have to build up my strength and learn to walk and control my hands again.
Because of the above I unfortunately have to temporarily, maybe
permanently, withdraw all of the Services that I used to supply, with the exception of supplying Service Data, and advertisements to my 'For Sale & Wanted' section.
I will be unable to supply any valves, or currently do any repairs. I will be contacting anybody whose repairs I currently have directly so that they can decide on a course of action. 

I am sorry that I can no longer supply the services that I used to, but the doctors think that it will be between 6 and 9 months before a full recovery will be effective, and apparently even then not all of my functions may return to the their full prior operation effectiveness.
If in time to come I find that I can start taking on repairs or have the strength to search out valves etc. then I will update this statement.

I provide a Repair or full Restoration service for valve (tube) Radios,Radiograms,hi-fi Amplifiers and Jukebox Amplifiers. I will also undertake some early transistor equipment, preferably pre 1970's. Most period radios fail to work because the capacitors, or as they were known at the time condensers, were made with foil and waxed paper and over time these go leaky and act more as resistors than capacitors, often just changing the coupling and de-coupling capacitors along with the smoothing electrolytic capacitors will put the radio back into good working order. Whilst the previous statement is factual it is obviously not possible to quote a price for a repair until the equipment has been checked through, I therefore work on a NO charge for an estimate basis, however transportation and insurance costs of the equipment to me and its return will be the responsibility of the sender.
Should you wish to avail yourself of any repair or restoration services, I can provide, based on previous experience, a fairly close guesstimate as to its potential cost based on the Make, Model and Year, which should help in making the decision as to the economic viability of shipping it. I am based in Kent in the South-East of the UK for those living in the Home Counties or close enough to deliver and collect personally.
If you require any guesstimates, or any other information pertaining to restoration please Email me giving details as to Make,Model etc.and symptoms or services required.
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