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Collecting - Servicing - Restoration
Tony Thompson

I am asked at least two or three times a week if I can recommend a good book for new enthusiasts to learn how to repair and restore Vintage Radios. Until now I have had to explain that the only books available were of US origins, and whilst quite good, one had to accept their slightly different use of the English Language! and the built in problems of obtaining US books in the UK. I am very glad to say that this situation has now changed as I have just finished reading a new book by Tony Thompson that from now on will be the required reading material that I recommend to any further requests for assistance.

Tony has been interested in valve equipment all of his life. He worked for many years as a highly qualified radio and TV engineer and ran his own business in TV,Video and Hi-Fi Servicing. He currently teaches Design and Technology and Electronics and has had articles published in Television magazines.

His new book
"Vintage Radio" "Collecting - Servicing - Restoration"
covers all aspects of Vintage Radio from basic valve theory to cabinet restoration, and whilst it is primarily aimed at the new enthusiast who has no, or very little, knowledge of the subject, I have to say that even with over 40 years experience in the business I still found a few good tips that I had not come across.  The book contains 16 Chapters plus a Glossary with two very useful Appendices covering 'Sources of spares and materials' and more 'Suggested reading', it also contains 68 Illustrations that perform an excellent role of enhancing and explaining the text.

The contents of the 16 Chapters are listed below, and I'm sure you will see that they cover most aspects of Vintage Radio. There is obviously a limit to what can be achieved in 125 pages, and Tony would, I think, be the first to agree that this book is not supposed to be an in depth education course in all of the areas covered, but it is certainly enough for the novice to start restoring radios, and having acquired the bug, there is further reading material listed in an appendix that will allow a more in-depth knowledge to be obtained if required.  

How it started
The birth of Radio, early influences, the development of the
Styling Influences 
Art Deco, Modernism, Streamlining. The influence of
       designers. The constraints of materials and technology. Cost.
       Mass production.
Collecting Radio Sets
The ethics of restoration. What to restore, what to leave well
Where and How to Obtain Sets
Where to look for sets, tips on dealing.
When to Buy... And when not to
What to look for when making a purchase.
Cleaning and Restoring the Chassis
A Step-by-Step approach to restoring the appearance of your
       radio chassis.
Renovating Wooden Cabinets
       Advice and step-by-step guidance to restoring and refinishing
       your cabinet.
Renovating Bakelite Cabinets
       An easy to follow guide to repairing and reviving Bakelite
What valves are
        The development of the vacuum tube.
How Valves work
        A guide to the action of the diode,triode,tetrode and pentode.
Basic Checking and Testing of Valve Radio Chassis
        Simple tests and checks before and after first switch-on.
General Testing of Chassis
        More advanced checks and tests, using test equipment.
Causes of Common Faults
        A useful guide to commonly occurring faults.
Circuit arrangements of Typical Receivers
        The action of Superhet and TRF radio circuits described and
An example chassis restoration
         The case history of a chassis.
Things to make
         How to construct an AF signal generator/tracer, a test lamp,
         a battery valve radio Power Supply, a dummy aerial and a
         basic circuit tester.
        Valve radio terminology explained
Appendix 1. Vintage Radio Sources
        Sources for spares, materials, information, magazines and
        Vintage Web Sites.
Appendix 2. Suggested Reading
        Magazines, new and out of print books.

I wish Tony all the very best with this book, it is certainly something that the UK market has needed for some time and I thoroughly recommend it to anybody starting out in the field of Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration.


The book can be obtained from:

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The book is also obtainable by post or from: Radio Bygones
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Published by Vintage Radio World Publications (address above).

The cover price of the book is £12.95, and cheques should be
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