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Malcolm F. Bennett G3UKL
Purveyor and Collector of Vintage and Antique Radios/Radiograms, Service Data,Valves (Tubes), Components and Related Items, plus Full Restoration and Repairs Service on all types of valve equipment.
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It is with regret that I have to inform visitors to this site
that I only returned from Hospital recently having spent five weeks in the Intensive Care Unit and General Ward for a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. (30th March 2008)
I am told that I am extremely lucky to have survived this operation but it has left me about two stone lighter and with little in the way of leg or arm muscles left. As such I now have to build up my strength and learn to walk and control my hands again.
Because of the above I unfortunately have to temporarily, maybe
permanently, withdraw all of the Services that I used to supply, with the exception of supplying Service Data, and advertisements to my 'For Sale & Wanted' section.
I will be unable to supply any valves, or currently do any repairs. I will be contacting anybody whose repairs I currently have directly so that they can decide on a course of action. 

I am sorry that I can no longer supply the services that I used to, but the doctors think that it will be between one and one an a half years before a full recovery will be effective, and apparently even then not all of my functions may return to the their full prior operation effectiveness.
If in time to come I find that I can start taking on repairs or have the strength to search out valves etc. then I will update this statement.

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Hello and welcome to the Vintage Radios homepage.
I have been running Vintage Radios in its current state for about the last 20 years, and have been in the Radio/ Electronics Industry all of my life. Vintage Radios is in the business of Restoring and repairing Vintage and Antique Radios alongside buying and selling of the same. I will Repair, Buy and Sell almost any equipment as long as it contains Valves (Tubes).
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