Museums and Collections
There are numerous pages of links to Museums and Collections on many other sites dealing with Antique or Vintage Radios, the majority of these however are associated with the USA and primarily cover American Radios and Museums. Whilst it is true that the UK and Europe are somewhat lacking in sites for these compared to the USA, I have decided to concentrate on UK and European Links, as I believe that if you live this side of the pond the information and pictures are likely to be far more relevant to what you may be able to find. I have included a few American links to sites that have considerable 'links pages' in their own right and should enable anyone who so wishes to find the majority of US sites.
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Collections for the UK. and Europe
The Lowther Voigt Museum
NEW The Lowther Voigt Museum is a private collection of vintage Lowther and Voigt products dating from the 1930's to the 1970's. The museum is not open to the public, but this website provides a virtual tour of the items in the collection.
Radios Brasileiros
NEW This is a new site not strickly from the UK or Europe, run by Meyer in Brasil. He does have many photographs of sets mainly from that side of the 'Pond' but also some from the major manufacturers that may turn up here or in Europe , he also has radios for sale etc. 
Dynatron Museum
NEW This is a new site that is still under construction, however it already contains a vast amount of data dedicated to Dynatron Radios. It has model information and photographs of Dynatron sets from the 30's to 50's.
SRS Synth-Restore
This is the Radio page of the Synth-Restore site, Adding to their ever growing range of products, they now are supplying NOS (new old stock), used parts, refurbished radio sets and modern equivalents for all makes of radio's,and Battery packs for portable valve radio's.
Eddystone User Group
This site is dedicated to all collectors of Eddystone Radio products, most of which were manufactured at the "Old BathTub" in West Heath Birmingham from 1940 until 1995.
Radio HQ
This site has numerous links on everything Radio, from 1920's Radio to Your Own Internet Radio Station.
Nostalgic Vintage Radio
This site is dedicated primarily to Radio Sales from the Golden Age of Wireless USA. It has a good selection of both British and American radios for sale.
Al's Antique Radio Collection
This is site run by Albert Aerts ( 0N6TS) in Belgium, and contains an impressive photographic display of many radios in his collection. With a good list of links.


Full Radiocatalog for Germany, Austria and 
Switzerland. Catalogue for more than 26'000 
Boatanchors with more than 10'000 printable 
Full Radiocatalog for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Catalogue for more than 26'000 Boatanchors with more than 10'000 printable schematics.
This is another new UK site devoted solely to the classic years of British Valve (Tube) Wireless.With a special emphasis on Murphy Radio, however it does have 171 pages with over 750 images of British radios along with their details. Although a new site with further pages to arrive in due course it is definitely worth checking out.
The Wireless Works
This is a UK site in the Cornwall area, run by Rob Rusbridge, Rob has a good selection of sets For Sale in fully restored condition and another section for those 'as is' he also has an information section to assist with set dating, valve technology and how to restore your set etc.
Pete's Electronics
This is a another UK site in the Runcorn, Cheshire area, run by Pete Roberts, Pete specialises in transistor and valve portable radios, his site contains sections on Radio Reminisces, his Pocket Radio Collection, Micro Radio Collection, Spares that he has for Sale and Recent Repairs he has undertaken.
Vintage Components
This is a new UK site run by Tony Williams, it has some very interesting sections and includes online manuals, valve cross reference guides, a Radio Gallery and some radio Art there is also a very good section of technical tips, the site is basically orientated towards 1930's sets and valves etc. and covers UK,German,French and USA radios.
Vintage Radios & Electronics
This is a UK site a very interesting site well worth a  visit.
This is a UK site run by Lorne Clark, he has galleries of his collections of both valves and early valve radios, a good section on Crystal Sets, and a very useful links page.  A very interesting site well worth a visit.
Alan Lord Vintage Radio Collection
This is a UK site run by Alan Lord, he has galleries of his collections of both valve and transistor radios and their restoration history. He also has some very good sections on how to fix your own radios both valve and transistor plus test equipment that you can build yourself. A very interesting site well worth a visit.
Canadian Antique Radio Schematics Service - JustRadios
This is a Canadian site run by Dave Cantelon, he can supply Service Data or schematics for just about every manufacturer of Canadian radio from 1924 onwards. The site contains a list of all of the makers with some photographs of his latest restorations. If you have a Canadian set and need data this is the place to go. 
Valve Radio Repair and Restoration (UK)

This is a UK site run by Paul Stenning, it concentrates on the   Repair and Restoration of Valve Radios. Paul wrote some of the articles on his site initially for Electronics Today International, they cover the various stages of a Radio and he describes the various components with reference to circuit diagrams, he also gives circuit data to build various pieces of test equipment, below is a list of the many and varied aspects of Pauls site. This site is a must for anybody wishing to learn the fundamentals of valves and how they work in conjunction with the various stages of a radio receiver and how they function.


  Radio Service Data                                                             
TV Service Data                                                                
Valve Data                                                                         
Paul can currently supply 2 CDs of Radio Service Data   another of TV Service Data and one on Valve Data, there is a listing on his site of the contents of these CDs and I can state the quality of the data is very good and I use the radio CDs myself.

Service Data                                                                            
Service Data by Email                                                      
Service Data Index                                                           
Should you not wish to purchase the CDs above then Paul can supply individual Service Data by Email and there is an Index of the data available on the site.

Repair and Restoration Information                                      
How Do Valves Work?                                                    
Valve Type Numbers                                                       
Obtaining Sets                                                                  
Tools and Test Gear                                                       
Initial Assessment                                                           
Replacing Components                                                     
Initial Testing                                                                   
Power Supplies                                                                 
Output Stages                                                                     
IF and RF Stages                                                              
AM and FM Alignment                                                      
Chassis Restoration                                                          
Cabinet Restoration                                                           
As you will see from the list above, this section of Paul's site gives a very good background to the knowledge required to repair and restore radios. It covers everything from the basics of how valves work to obtaining sets to work on, test equipment required and how to identify the various components used in radio receivers. It also goes into good detail on how the different sections of the radio work and having repaired them, how to align then. There is also a very good section on restoration of the Cabinets.

Build Your Own Test Equipment                                              
PSU for Battery Radio                                                     
Series Lamp Limiter                                                         
Elect Cap Reformer                                                          
Audio Output Indicator                                                     
RF Signal Generator                                                         
This section covers some of the test equipment that will make life considerably easier when it comes to checking and repairing Old Sets. There is a good circuit given for building a PSU (Power Supply Unit)  for the Mains powering of the early and 50's battery sets. A simple Lamp Limiter which will save considerable damage that can be caused by plugging a set into the Mains when it has not been used for a considerable time. A circuit for reforming old Electrolytic Capacitors, which deteriorate with age and lack of use, an Audio Output Indicator and a simple RF Signal Generator.

Recent Repairs                                                                      
This section covers over 20 sets that Paul has recently repaired, the problems he found and how he went about resolving them.

Manufacturers and their Sets                                                
This section covers various manufacturers and some of the set they produced with photos and details of the sets. Currently there are details on over 20 of the more popular   manufacturers and a considerable number of their sets, also included are a selection of Foreign Sets.

Suppliers, Repairers and Links                                             
There are a good number of Suppliers listed in this section that can assist with everything from components to valves and speaker cloth etc. Also included are links to repairers and other general radio orientated site.

As you will see from the above this is a very comprehensive site and a must for the radio enthusiast who wants to learn more about all aspects of how a radio works and how to fix it when it doesn't!!

Whether experienced or novice I thoroughly recommend this site as one to visit.

       Valve Radio Repair and Restoration (UK)                            

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NEW The first dot-com about old radios in France, this is a very interesting site, you will however have to have a knowledge of French. There are some very good links form this page. 
The Classic Radio Gallery
NEW This is the Homepage of Merrill L. Mabbs, Merrill has many interesting items on his pages including details of circuit diagrams (for mainly US equipment) but also has many links to UK and European sites of interest.
The Homepage of Radiocraft by Steve Ostler
NEW This is the Homepage of Steve Ostler who runs Radiocraft, as well as other companies linked to this page. He has a few restored radios for sale and some interesting pictorial views of the restoration of an early American Radio.
Well worth a look.
The Homepage of 'Ask Jan First'
NEW This is the Homepage of Jan Philipp from Germany, the pages do have an English translation, although I found that a knowledge of German would be  considerable help!!.. Jan sells tubes, data, Printed Circuit making materials and many items associated with Vintage radio restoration etc. The prices are all in DMs or Euros, and I think I read that now after 2000 it will be in Euros only.

This is a very comprehensive site with a wide range of items for sale, but a little tricky to get around and understand with a knowledge of German, but definitely worth looking at, as he could well have what you are after!!   

Tony Thompson's  Radio Restorations Page
This is a new UK site still under construction, Tony covers everything from early valve technology to building your own Battery Eliminator, with the emphasis on 'How To' do Radio Restoration. A very professional looking site and one you should not miss, he also has a large amount of Service Data for many of the UK Manufacturers of Radio.
Steve Pendlebury's Old Telly Page
This is a new UK site still under construction, and if you have grown tired of fixing up old radios then this could be for you. Steve covers all the relevant knowledge needed to start restoring old 405 line and 625 line TVs.
Just make sure your Life Insurance is paid up!!!.........
Bob's Homepage
This is a new UK site encompassing the whole of the Thompson Family, Bob's interest is transistor radios, and there are  numerous photographs from his collection with pertinent details.
History and Sets of B & O
This is a new site run by Jan from Denmark, he specialises in B & O ( Bang and Olufsen) equipment and has a very  good history of the Company along with photographs of their equipment from their formation in 1925 through to 1965.
Hadley Records (Australia)
Eric Scott has run Hadley Records for over 37 years, he has some good links for valves and components, and sells vintage radio components and parts.
Vintage Radio Emporium
A virtual radio shop that has mysteriously moved from the past to the web. The shelves and stock are rapidly filling up as the shop expands into its new home. The shop keeper is particularly fond of crystal sets.
Valve Radio Repair and Restoration (UK)

This is another UK site concentrating on the areas of Repair and Restoration. Paul wrote the articles on his site initially for Electronics Today International, they cover the various stages of a Radio and he describes the various components with reference to circuit diagrams, he also gives circuit data to build various pieces of test equipment.

Udo's Old- Radio Homepage
First Old Radio Homepage of Switzerland. This site is still under construction but contains details of Udo's Cathedral Radio Collection, there is also a very good 'For Sale' section with some very rare radios for sale at very reasonable prices. He also collects Jukeboxes and details some of these.
Peter's Vintage Radio Daze! (UK)
Peter's site is still under construction, but is looking very promising already. He aims to provide a collection of Vintage Radio images, data and hints. He covers his restoration projects and has Virtual Tours available.
Paul's Radio Museum
Paul is in the UK. his collection is of UK Radios with photographs and technical information along with valve/tube suppliers etc.
Probably one of the largest French sites, lists over 6000 radios by year, details over 3000 Service Data sheets.You must be a member to avail yourself of the Service Sheets, membership is around 200FF a year that includes 6 copies of their magazine (in French).
Mister Transistor
Mr. Transistor is Andrew Wylie based near London (UK) Andrew collects the transistors themselves rather than radios, and details their history with supporting photographs.
WUMPUS Radio Collection
WUMPUS is a German site (in German) containing a collection of General European Radios with good photographs together with technical info. and valve data.
Walter Radioflier Homepage
A German site in English with good photographs and technical info on a collection of European radio sets spanning the 30's to the 60's.
Virtual Radio & Phono Museum
This is the collection of Jean-Luc Fradet from France.There are many superb quality photographs and the collection covers crystal sets through to 50/60's sets along with disk gramophones and cylinder phonographs. A very good collection. There is some English translation.
Rolf Bergendorff Collection
Rolf is based in Sweden and has a comprehensive collection of European Radios there are some good photographs with close up detail of the inside chassis's and dials etc.
Nicolas Radio Collection
This is the collection of Nicolas Ducor based in France. European Radios are well covered and there are superb photographs not only of the exterior but also the interior chassis. there is technical info, valve/tube cross references and data.The site is in English.
Retro Radio NEW URL
This is the site of Steve Petty -Brighton- East Sussex - UK. Steve specialises in Classic Plastic Radios. There are some good photographs of the type of radios that he would like to trade/swap, and a 'recommended reading' list of books.
Enrico Tedeschi
Enrico is based in Brighton UK. He specialises in transistor radios and has written books on these and other subjects. His site contains good reference material on everything from Magazines to Societies. He also has photographs of radios for sale.
US. sites with excellent 'links' pages
Yext TV Repair
A very good site with numerous links to Antique Radio related information.
Phil's Radio Web Sites
A very good site centred around a mainly American collection together with an extremely comprehensive list of other radio related web sites.
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