Hi, and welcome to my Web Site. As background information, I originally trained as a 'Sparks' (Radio Operator) in the Merchant Navy. That however was more years ago than I care to remember, but lets just say that transistors had certainly not arrived on the scene at that time, and all of my original education was on valves. It was during these early days that I acquired my Amateur Radio Licence (G3UKL) but regretfully have not been active on the air for over 20 years.
  After some time associated with the above I worked for various companies involved in the Radio/Electronics Industry. I spent some time at Marconi and also at EKCO, both in Essex / England, as at that time I was living in Southend, not to distant from either. However electronics was changing just as fast then as it is today and I decided to go into Computers, which were still valves over 30 years ago, although at that time they were called Tabulators. Up until 5 years ago when I took early retirement, I had spent 25 years with a major Computer Manufacturer often referred to as 'Big Blue'. Many changes took place over the course of those 25 years, and I ended up more orientated towards the Software side of the Industry than the Hardware. However throughout all of those years my love of valves never diminished and I have been repairing and restoring all kinds of valve equipment for over 35 years.
  Currently I have something in excess of 600 Radios awaiting repair/restoration or in some cases just to cannibalise, and have repaired valve equipment as diverse as Watch Timing Machines to Test Equipment as well as more commonly, Hi-Fi Amplifiers, Jukeboxes and Radio/Radiograms. I have a large amount of Service Data and Information collected over the years, at a recent count, something over 5000 items. I have listed a sample of the more common Radios (Service Data) on other pages but if you do not see what you require please Email me, as the list are not complete (It took me long enough entering these!!).
  I have also acquired a reasonably large number of valves over the years, and have listed those that I have in sufficient quantities to make it worth telling you about. As before if what you are looking for is not listed please Email me, you never know I may have the odd one you require lying about.
  At any one time I usually have between 15 - 20 Fully Reconditioned Radios from the 30's through to the 60's for sale. I undertake Repairs or Restoration of all types of valve equipment on a NO charge for an estimate basis, but you must arrange transportation of your equipment to and from me.
  Well if you got this far I guess you must be interested in Radios! I hope that the information on the following pages proves useful to you, and if I can assist with any valve related problems you may have, please Email me.
  Malcolm G3UKL
  If I can be of any assistance or if you have comments on how this site could be improved please Email me at:
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