Radio Valve Guides Books 1-5
  Reprinted and Published by
  G.C.Arnold Partners
  These Valve Guides are reprints of a series of books originally published by Bernard's back in the 50' and 60's. They are without doubt a must have for anybody in the business of repairing or restoring old radios. Their full title is 'A Comprehensive Radio Valve Guide' and they certainly live up to this title, covering valves from the UK, US, European, Russian and Japanese.
  The series comes as 5 books covering the year periods listed below, one good aspect of the books is that the base diagrams are shown on the same page as the technical data, not the case with many other valve data manuals I possess.
  I have found however, I guess because some valves were added to later editions of the original manuals from earlier years, that you really need all 5 volumes, as although you are sure of the date of a particular valve you may not find it in the book that theoretically covers that year, it may well be in another of the books. If fact to date there is not a single valve that I have failed to find in one of the 5 books somewhere.
  As certain valves become more and more difficult to locate the information contained in these books becomes invaluable as it allows valves that may have similar characteristics but different pin-outs to be identified, and in worse cases allows the component values to be calculated so that complete stages can be rebuilt using completely different valves.
  Comprehensive Radio Valve Guides
  Publishers G.C.Arnold Partner
  Book1 1934 - 1951 ISBN 1898805 01 6
  Book2 1951 - 1954 ISBN 1898805 02 4
  Book3 1954 - 1956 ISBN 1898805 03 2
  Book4 1956 - 1964 ISBN 1898805 04 0
  Book5 1960 - 1963 ISBN 1898805 05 9
  Softbound, Book1 60 pages, Book2 48 pages, Book3 36 pages, Book4 44 pages, Book5 48 pages.
  Each Book 2.95 (UK) 3.25 (Europe Surface Mail)
  Or the Complete Set of Five - 14.00 (UK) 15.50(Europe SM.)
  The above prices include postage and are valid as of June 97 directly from the Publishers G.C.Arnold Partners, see below.
  The best way to acquire these books is directly from Geoff Arnold as he did the reprinting and publishing, all of the books listed are available from
  G.C.Arnold Partners
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