Handbook of Radio,TV and Industrial and Transmitting Tube and Valve Equivalents
  Reprinted and Published by
  G.C.Arnold Partners
  Like the Valve Guides detailed on these pages, the Equivalents Handbook was produced originally by the Bernard's/Babani company. This reprint is based on their 3rd edition published in 1974.
  The book is split roughly into 3 sections, Commercial Equivalents,Military Equivalents and valve designations (types) and CRT's.
  The Commercial section lists not only direct equivalents but also 'comparables' (i.e. valves that have similar characteristics but could have different bases, pin-outs, or heater voltages).The Military section list valves used by all 3 British Services during WW2, plus USA Service types and CV Numbers,all valves are shown with their commercial equivalent.
  This an extremely useful book, as my original is so dog-eared and faded that some references are impossible to read.
  ISBN 1 898805 06 7
  Paperback 5 3/4 x 8 1/4
  60 Pages
  Price 2.95 (UK) includes Postage 3.25 (Europe Surface Mail)
  The best way to acquire this book is directly from Geoff Arnold as he did the reprinting and publishing, all of the books listed are available from
  G.C.Arnold Partners
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