Early Radio - in Marconi's Footsteps
Peter R. Jensen
If you are in to Radio History, this book make a very interesting read. It is written along the lines of a modern travelogue combining Radio History on route.
The author describes his journeys and visits to several sites used by Marconi during his early exploits into radio and communication. Each of these visits is illustrated with photographs of the sites as are today.
In my opinion however, the best part of this book is the latter half, Peter Jensen not only describes the equipment used by Marconi in his early experiments, supported by photographs and circuit diagrams, but includes working and scaled technical drawings produced by himself along with his experiences of producing replicas of many of the items.
These drawings along with some basic workshop tools would enable an enthusiast to make a magnetic detector or a crystal set, a coherer, a multiple tuner and jigger, a spark arrestor, a Rhumkorff or induction coil and a Leyden jar.
A very good book for the technically orientated as well as for those preferring a radio orientated travelogue style of book.
Early Radio by Peter R. Jensen
Hardback 176 pages 11 x 8 1/4 in.
I have been informed by the author that this book is no longer available from G.C.Arnold Partners, and that he holds the publishers residual stock which progressively dwindles.  However, the remaining books are brand new and available for purchase from him direct at a prices of $55 Australian, exclusive of postage (which may be around $15 based on his previous experience)

Peter R. Jensen can be contacted at:-
Post Office Box 826, Spit Junction, New South Wales, 2088, Australia. or on e-mail at:-
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