Bakelite Radios
  Robert Hawes
  Like Robert Hawes' previous book RADIO ART, this is a presentation of the development of domestic radio design, but dealing solely with Bakelite cabinets.
  The book has chapters on Radio History, cabinet design and a very useful chapter on the care and preservation of Bakelite, covering repairs and buying tips along with sources.
  The main part of the book however, are the 130 really stunning photographs of receivers from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Czechoslovakia and Spain.
  An absolute must for any collectors of Bakelite Radios or Bakelite objects in general.
  Bakelite Radios by Robert Hawes
  ISBN 1-85076-622-3
  Published by: The Apple Press
  Hardback 128 pages Published Price 8.99
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