The Sound and Vision Yearbook
  Edited by
  Andrew Emmerson
  Another must have for the collector, restorer or just about anyone interested in Sound and Vision technology.
  This book is now in its 4th year and consists of a directory for collectors or enthusiasts of Sound or Vision technology.
  It contains current information on Vintage Radios, Jukeboxes, Phonographs, Gramophones, Classic Audio and Hi-fi, Tape Recorders, Records, Record Players, Telephones, Phonecards, Amateur Radio, 405 Line TV, Telegraphy, Scientific Instruments, Film and Cameras, Home Cine, Mechanical Music, Magic Lanterns, Cinema, Cult TV, Amusement Machines, Electrical Antiques, etc.
  There is a section for each of the above interests (and more) and each section contains listings of Specialist Magazines and where to obtain them, Museums and Exhibitions with places to visit, 'Must have books' with publishers etc., Societies and Clubs, Specialist Dealers and Services, Auctioneers, Fairs and where applicable Component Suppliers.
  You really cannot do without this book, the Vintage Radio section alone covers 17 pages!
  The Sound and Vision Yearbook 1997/98 (I believe 97/98 is now available) edited by Andrew Emmerson
  Published in association with the NATIONAL VINTAGE COMMUNICATIONS FAIR by Sunrise Press, Bampton, Devon.
  ISBN 0 9511448 6 3 (last years number, the 0 9511448 will be the same for 97/98 but the last 2 digits will be different.)
  Paperback 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 in. 96 pages Published price 3.50 (UK)
  You should be able to order this book from any good Book Shop, alternatively Geoff Arnold may have copies, he has carried them in the past, but my last copy of Radio Bygones did not show them listed. Best check with him direct, details in Radio Bygones Magazine section see below.
  Radio Bygones in Magazine section.
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