The Bill Smith Chronicles
Bill Smith
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The Bill Smith Chronicles
Bill was born during the mid-twenties in the small town of Buckie situated on the shores of the Moray Firth in North East Scotland, he became an early convert to 'The Wireless' and remained so until his retirement in the early nineties. Since then Bill has kept busy by writing his humorous and factual 'Chronicles' in the page of the popular 'RADIOPHILE' vintage radio magazine, this book is a compilation of those articles.
The book is in two parts, Part one of the Chronicles is about Bill's early years and his fascination with wireless matters. Part Two is concerned with his later years whilst employed as a Radio Television Service Engineer.
Bill's writing style is very easy to read and gives a humorous  insight into his life in Radio from the early 30's through the 50's. It contains many anecdotes, drawn from his working career in Radio repairing, that can be put to good use by anybody repairing or restoring many of the more vintage sets today. Part three has yet to be published and will contain Bills experiences as a Service manager in the Television Trade, I hope that this eventually becomes available as Bill has a very readable, unpretentious, humorous style that invokes much nostalgia and brings back memories long forgotten. Parts one and two are contained in a single paper backed book of 96 pages priced at 5.00 and I can recommend this book as an extremely good read for anybody interested in the collecting or repair and restoration of vintage radios..

Bill has his own Web site where you can find details of this and another book that he has written.
At a mere 5 inc.p&p, Bill's ninety six page book is a 'must'
for all vintage radio buffs and copies can be obtained from
the following UK sources:-

'The Radiophile'                     Bill Smith,
                    Larkhill,                                  11b, Marischal Street,
Newport Road,                       Peterhead.
       Woodseaves,                          Aberdeenshire.
Stafford.                                  AB42 1BS.
                 ST20 ONP.                              Tel:- (01779) 476893.

Supplies are limited so send a cheque off now to
secure your copy.
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